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These photos of a Western Scrub Jay were taken Portland, Oregon.  All photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990.  Most  photos were taken with fill flash.  The trick was to adjust the flash compensation down as far as possible so the lighting looked natural.   I also learned that an SLR film camera would not work.  I tried that in the beginning.  The click of the shutter would startle the Scrub Jay.  However, the silent operation of the typical digital camera is ideal.  These photos were captured around my car.

Click on each thumbnail below to view the full size photos. 

 Full size photos are about 800K to 1.2meg in size.


I used a red car door as a back drop for these photos.  The top left photo is my favorite. A black car makes a good backdrop as well.  Bottom right - posing on my car mirror.




As an experiment, I taped some yellow fabric on the side of my car for a background (left photo).  Yellow didn't turn out as nice a color as I had hoped for.  The other two photos were taken through the glass moonroof of my car as Skippy walked on top of it.





Skippy likes my wife as well.  The other two photos show Skippy coming in for a landing on my car door & mirror.






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