Scrub Jay Photos & Movies


High-resolution Scrub Jay photos.  On the first link below, are full-size close-up photos of a Western Scrub Jay.  Over a couple of years, I was able to hand tame two Scrub Jays (Skippy & Snickers).  Both jays were very cooperative in having their picture taken - and allowed me to get as close as I wanted with the camera (anything for a peanut).  Because the photos were taken in the parking lot where I work, I was able to get pictures using the colors of other cars as a background (note the red car door in the thumbnail below).  A red background for a Scrub Jay turns out to be rather striking.   I was also able to get some unusual photos of Skippy through my car's moonroof (photos taken from inside the car beneath the glass).    

Click here for the original full-size photos.



There are more Scrub Jay photos on my Image Event album link below.  These are smaller photos & sized for viewing.  Below are several short movies of hand feeding a Scrub Jay.




Skippy Movies.  This was the most recent Scrub Jay I've tamed.  Movies require Quicktime player.




Snickers Movies:  This was the first Scrub Jay I tamed.  Also requires Quicktime player




New:  A very rare video of a fledgling Scrub Jay (recently out of the nest).




New:  View a 32 second high quality mpeg with sound.  Skippy in my hand for 32 seconds.