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File size  2.9 meg

Playing Time -11 seconds

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There seems to be some genetic code within a Scrub Jay that says "If there are two peanuts, I must try to get both".  Skippy eventually gets both peanuts in this clip.


    File Size  777 Kb

Playing Time - 3 seconds

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In this short clip, a peanut pops out of Skippy's beak and she reacts as though it flew out on its own.  It's rather comical.  She then dives for it, just to make sure it doesn't get away.


File Size  5.1 meg

Playing Time - 18 seconds

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Skippy did something rather unusual and unexpected in this clip.  After picking a piece of cashew, she just stopped and seemed to be lost in deep thought.  This went on for a full 13 seconds before she went back to eating.

  File Size  2.3meg

Playing Time - 8 seconds

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I used the moonroof of my car to film Skippy from an unusual angle.


File Size 3.2meg

Playing Time - 11 seconds

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Skippy has learned to get two peanuts on almost every landing.  On very rare occasions, she has managed to pick up three peanuts.  Judge for yourself, but I believe she managed to spear one of the peanuts with her bottom beak.

File Size - 3.3meg

Playing Time - 12 seconds

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I used a red car as a back drop for this movie.  Notice that Skippy gets two peanuts but doesn't realize it, drops one, then gets two peanuts again before taking off.

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