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Movie Length - 5 seconds

File Size - 1.6meg

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Movie Length - 26 seconds

Normal "landing" time for Snickers is about 4-6 seconds.  Ten seconds is long.  However, on this day Snickers decided to blow away all previous records by a wide margin - 25 seconds.  Notice how she seems to pose a couple of times - as though she is saying "yep, I'm pretty, and this is your lucky day".  


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Movie Length - 5 seconds

My car door is a familiar place for Snickers to find peanuts.

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File Size 552kb       File Link -          Movie Length - 2 seconds

Snickers will swoop down and take a peanut from my hand in two ways - (1) with the peanut laying flat in my hand and,  (2) with me holding the peanut straight up in my fingers.   Number one is shown above in the "SwoopFromTree" movie clip.  This clip is an example of number two.   The nice thing about the QuickTime player - you can view frame by frame and see Snickers superb agility.

OK - But How Do I Play and Download These Files?

The Apple QuickTime format (.mov) is the original format as taken with my Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera (15 frames/sec).   The Microsoft Media Player that comes with Windows 95/98/ has problems with this file format.  Unless you already have a QuickTime player installed, you will need to download the free version at:   Free QuickTime Player

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